Before I became the Gaudy Lady of Santa Fe, as asouthwestern jewelry designer, I learned many jewelry techniques growing up in Albuquerque. I attended the University of New Mexico and received my bachelor’s degree. I later received a master’s degree in Florida while teaching high school and college. On the weekends, I sold my work at top art shows throughout Florida winning several “first place” ribbons. 

While in Albuquerque, I often passed the hours at my  parent’s jewelry store. My parents carried many Native American jewelry pieces by famous artists. The vibrant colors and textures made a lasting impression.  That is where my designing began. I incorporated the Native American southwestern style creating rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, earcuffs, and wire wrap, in gold and silver. The designs included turquoise, coral, multi-colored stones, as well as semi-precious stones to be sold in Santa Fe and throughout the US

Every artist needs a mission statement. Inspiration struck me one-day when I scribbled a message across a 10-foot banner outside my booth at a local market. “I do gaudy best. If you can’t see it from the highway, why wear it?  "With the popularity of my jewelry growing, I became known for that phrase. Customers made sure to have their pictures taken next to that handwritten sign. The rest, as they say, is history. 

 Today, people far and wide see the sign from the highway and know the Gaudy Lady of Santa Fe for the large, bold, unique style my pieces impart. 

Regarding that style, perhaps one well-dressed woman from Texas put it best: where I’m from, we go big or go home.

 These days, the gaudy lady of Santa Fe does her best designing in her quiet studio located in the mountains.  

If you can’t make it down to New Mexico for a visit, this website is the next best thing. Take a look around and find something you love. Many previous pieces can be recreated just for you.

           goldy381@ gmail.com |        (505) 604-6200

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